“How many salespeople do I need to become a millionaire?” asked a student. The professor replied, “One good one. Now go sell something!”

Here’s five reasons you need to get selling in 2021!

1. Things Have Changed.

If you have noticed around you, consumer habits are changing, partly by force, and partly because the internet age is truly upon us. Yesterday’s sales process is not what the market needs today. It needs knowledge, creativity, speed, innovation, and agility. Like no time in history, the institutionalized conglomerates of yesterday find themselves staring at a computer screen instead of looking out of their ivory tower offices. Brick and mortar are crumbling all around us while the valuations of virtual companies and online retailers reach astronomical heights in warp speed. 

2. Markets Are Accelerating. 

The millionaires of tomorrow do not wait for customers to call, they build solutions that deliver value and address changing demands, and go get customers. What once took days or weeks now happens in hours. Your competitors could not have more visibility to your customers and your profits. 

3. There Is No Such Thing As Normal.

If you think you know what your customer needs, you had better think again. In 2021 no one can predict what next quarter brings, much less next year. Accept that many businesses are fighting for their very existence with shifting fortunes due to COVID-19 and geopolitical forces. Are you in the process of being dis-intermediated? These are uncertain times; instead of trying to predict the future, you need to start living it with your customers and suppliers.  There is no substitute for customer engagement—sales or otherwise. 

4. Taxes and Costs Are Going Up. 

Make no mistake about it, costs are rising, and this will hit your bottom line. It is time to increase sales and ingenuity to gain market share and reward yourself with higher profits for innovation-based solutions. Everything from gas to restaurant food will increase in the post COVID-19 era. You need to make sure you are at the front of the line and not at the end of the line. What is the solution? A strong offense is the best defense! Get selling and make sure your bottom line stays healthy!

5. Customers Are More Accessible. 

If you are not in it to win it for your customers and yourself, you are already losing ground.  While millions of sales reps are hunkered down in their basement offices, you need to be front and center. This does not mean you have to jump on an airplane with your mask and put yourself at risk, it means you embrace that things have changed, and you use all the tools available to reach your customers. With technologies like geo-fencing, the days of knocking on doors are over. It’s about being highly engaged—always.

At Dempsey International Packaging, we’re committed to navigating the sales landscape with integrity and ingenuity, adding value for both customers and supplier partners. 

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Authored by: George W. Dempsey Jr, CEO of Dempsey International Packaging

George is a leading expert on Asian and Latin American Packaging Supply Chain dynamics. His expertise spans 25 years of supply chain and business development in foreign markets, including multiple board level positions. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois School of Business and holds multiple degrees including an Executive MBA.

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