George Dempsey and Adam Peek Discuss Raptor Packaging

Adam Peek is a friend of ours and the host of the People of Packaging podcast. Recently, he invited our CEO, George Dempsey, on to the podcast to talk through the ins and outs of the Raptor Packaging marketplace platform. Their conversation is practical and packed full of information you don’t want to

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Inventory Management and Its Importance

What do all product-based businesses do? They keep track of inventory. Some business owners are able to keep a running tab of stock levels in their heads or organized in an excel spreadsheet. After a certain point, this method is no longer workable. Larger businesses require alternate solutions to manage their inventory. How do

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Tips for Procuring Wipes Packaging

How has your world changed over the past year? Think about how our lives were pre-Covid-19. It is amazing what we took for granted in our everyday lives, including how easily we were able to source products.  Face to face meetings, dinner, and social interaction for relationship building has been replaced with Zoom calls,

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Why the Deck Is Stacked Against You

Here are some insights for the few brave men and women who dare to leave the corporate sloth behind—lessons I have learned first-hand. When you look across the business spectrum, you see corporate managers and career executives strutting their stuff about their accomplishments.  On the fringes you find gritty individuals with the will power

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5 Reasons to Get Selling in 2021

"How many salespeople do I need to become a millionaire?" asked a student. The professor replied, "One good one. Now go sell something!" Here’s five reasons you need to get selling in 2021! 1. Things Have Changed. If you have noticed around you, consumer habits are changing, partly by force, and partly because the

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5 Reasons Compression Blow Forming Packers Outperform Traditional IBM Packers

The introduction of the Sacmi Compression Blow Forming technology (CBF) is a game changer for HDPE packers. The process by nature makes a better bottle, more consistently, with better manufacturing economics.  Sacmi’s recent innovations and entrance into the North American market are providing marketers of Healthcare, Nutraceutical, and other products with new innovative options

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Packaging Supply Allocation 101

Over the past several days, many suppliers within the packaging industry have announced implementation of structured supply allocations. Three drivers affect the supply chain: 1) immediate demand for hand sanitizer and surface cleaners. 2) A shift from wholesale (restaurants) to retail packaging. 3) the ripple effect of the long lead-times causing companies to

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