Dempsey International Packaging unveils it will launch the world’s first Rigid Packaging “Manufacturer Direct” Marketplace platform: Raptor Packaging.

“A moment in time is upon us in the packaging industry—the next phase of distribution will take on a radically different course,” says George W. Dempsey, Founder and CEO.

The launch of Raptor Packaging, a marketplace platform designed to bring buyers and sellers of Rigid Packaging together, is intended to revolutionize the future of the industry and the way buyers source and procure products. With manufacturers now shipping over $2.5 billion dollars in products directly to customers through the old, high cost, traditional infrastructure of distribution, the launching of a game-changing web exchange marketplace could not be at a more appropriate time.

Customers are looking for an alternative platform that reduces costs and speeds development, while manufacturers are looking for an avenue to service the distribution market without conceding high margins to distributors. Raptor Packaging addresses these needs. Through a suite of online, automated tools, customers currently buying through Packaging Distribution will have an online B2B alternative, enabling them to buy Manufacturer Direct.  The proprietary interface allows customers to buy from multiple manufacturers and manage multiple SKU’s in one interface, dis-intermediating the need for traditional high cost distributor.

“Industries are changing so rapidly with the advancement of new web-based technologies, that what was once unachievable, is now a reality,” says Nate Calvert, VP of Marketing, Raptor Packaging.

The reception to the Raptor Packaging platform has been overwhelming; people get it. Unlike other web based “packaging stores,” the Raptor Packaging web platform is set up so the manufacturer retains total control over prices, minimums, lead-times, promotions, and what products they choose to offer. It consolidates both customer and manufacturer activities into proprietary dashboards that makes order flow, acknowledgement, confirmations, and billing seamless.

Online technical support and the ability to contact the Raptor Packaging support team by phone just adds to ensure customers have the best possible experience. Unlike the traditional distribution channel, manufacturers get the benefit of promoting their brands and the value added they bring to customers. Most product will be shipped in pallets or full truckload quantities, with point and click repeat order technology.  The system allows customers to get instant spot rates for LTL and Truckload freight taking the guesswork out of shipping costs.

Through Raptor Packaging’s partnerships, Raptor has one of the world’s largest software platforms powered by Magento and is supported by a team of more than 2,000 developers. Raptor Packaging will open the doors to approximately 25,000 customers who currently buy through distribution to purchase Manufacturer Direct at reduced prices.

Like all web marketplace technologies, early adapters win. The platform will launch in the first half of 2019, through an invitation registration system. Over 10,000 items of glass and plastic packaging have been loaded and an estimated 30,000 items will be loaded when the site goes live.  “Our team is working full time with our strategic manufacturing partners to load as many items as possible,” says Dempsey. Ultimately, customers will be able to come and source, search, sample, and procure from what we anticipate being more than 100,000 available items.

Like all new technologies, Raptor Packaging will evolve and continue to expand its customer interface, providing beneficial tools including full CRM integration with manufacturers.  We encourage interested manufacturers to contact us.

Raptor Packaging is wholly owned by KCooper Inc., Denver, Colorado, and is an affiliate of Dempsey International Packaging.

Company: Raptor Packaging
Address: 12150 E Briarwood Ave Suite 204, Centennial, CO 80112
Telephone: (720) 405-9001

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